The automotive landscape has shifted dramatically over the last decade. Today, high-performance in an engine no longer simply means speed and power; it means efficiency, resilience, and cleanliness. The quality and reliability of our lubricants have been proven by vast numbers of customers over millions of kilometres. Designed to protect vital engine components, improve fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions, we are continuously improving our products to meet the needs of our customers and original equipment manufacturers.

Mannheim Synthetic Blend Motor Oils are fully licensed motor oils that meet or exceed the latest manufacturer’s requirements for use in passenger cars, SUVs and light duty truck gasoline engines, powerboats, motorcycles and other stationary and mobile equipment. They are formulated from selected highly refined paraffinic base oils, synthetic base oils and carefully chosen advanced additive technology to provide superior thermal and oxidation stability, corrosion and valve train wear protection and prevent the formation and accumulation of deposits and sludge.

Mannheim Full Synthetic Motor Oils are premium quality, 100% synthetic motor oils formulated from superior synthetic base oils and carefully selected advanced additive technology. Mannheim Full Synthetic Motor Oils can be used in virtually all service classifications for gasoline engines, domestic and foreign, and are fully compatible with all other synthetic and petroleum-based motor oils.

Mannheim Apex European Formula Oils are full synthetic motor oils designed for the unique demands of European engines. The European Formula fights sludge for superior engine cleanliness, maximizes horsepower, and provides superior fuel economy.

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